Week 7 Reflection

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Where has the summer gone? I can’t believe I am writing my week 7 reflection. It really has not set in yet that I have one more week of my summer course. Week 7 was busy, and here’s a summary of what I have been up to.

For my final critique, I chose to review “Autism Virtual Reality.” “Too Much Informationis a campaign that spreads awareness about Autism and how people can support someone with Autism. Here is the full video with a note from the creators:

Warning: this film contains flashing lights, bright colors and loud, sudden noises. Some people might experience motion sickness in this 360 degree virtual reality film.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to watch the video and explore the campaign. Check out my full critique here.

I had to use two media platforms that I have been putting off all summer…I always knew it was coming to come back and bite me in the @$$. So this week I focused my assignments on using social media and dialog.

My first assignment I put together a twitter essay on the topic of soliloquy. Here are my tweets that I posted over three days.


My goal was to inform my audience of what a soliloquy was and where soliloquies have been used in the past. I knew I have studied them in English class back in the day, but now I wanted to think about them in a present situation. I also wanted my audience to think about dialog and soliloquies, so I posed questions for my last few tweets. After not much response from my classmates, I decided to use the poll feature on twitter. Here are the results of the poll:

Digital dialog & soliloquy happen every day on social media. Did you post about your thoughts? Did you want the audience to know something about you? Then you just used the dramatic effect of a soliloquy. Did you have a conversation via twitter or facebook? Then you just partook in a dialog with other characters (i.e. your followers). Shakespeare is known for dialogues and soliloquies because it tells the audience important information about the characters.  Now with digital storytelling, whether that be digital comics, short stories, videos, podcasts, or twitter posts, dialogues and soliloquies are important effects that allow the audience to understand the characters.   

For my second assignment I explained DS106 to a non-DS106 person. Prior to explaining DS106 to my wonderful boyfriend, I created a Pinterest board of most of the graphics that my classmates have created over the past seven weeks.  This way I could not only show him the DS106 website, I can show him how my class became part of the DS106 story by participating. PS… to help me create the Pinterest board, I used an amazing chrome extension, Pinterest Save Button, that allowed me easily to “Pin” the photos from Twitter to Pinterest (super helpful!).  

To create the video, I used
Screencastify to record my screen and voice as I was explaining DS106 to my boyfriend. He actually was quite impressed with the Chrome extension, and has plans to download on his work computer. Here is the video of explaining DS106 to a non-DS106 person:



I also contributed to two Daily Creates this week. The first challenge was to Make Your Robot Dance. Click here to see my dancing robot. It was a fun, but simple challenge as all it required me to do was to use slides to make the robot dance the way I wanted it too.

“Throw your hands in the air and wave ’em like you just don’t care.”

Since my first daily create was let’s say… not all that creative. I completed the challenge of “Cool in Shades”. Check out my family’s Mastiff, George.

“Why so serious, George?”

To create George wearing sunglasses, I used Photoscape editing software and applied the aviator sunglasses image over George’s face with a shadow. I also messed around with different transformations, and settled on the edge effect to give George a more defined look.

My big stretch this week was using media that I don’t prefer to use. I’m a fairly private person, so posting a lot on Twitter this week was definitely stepping outside of my comfort zone (and I love how easy it was to embed tweets into this blog). I was able to check off one dialog assignment as well, so hopefully next week, I’ll be able to complete a second one. As I said earlier, it’s amazing how fast this course has gone. I’m looking forward to everyone’s course reflections next week and seeing the growth and progress everyone has made over the past 2 months. See you next week!  


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