Week 6 Reflection

New literacies cause education to change constantly, so with that, I am going to change up my reflection this week.. Think of this reflection as an interview that I conducted with myself.

What was your primary takeaway this week?

What media (assignments, daily creates) did you create this week?

What was your critique this week?

For my full review of Anth101, click here. 

 How are new literacies affecting you and the school community? How can we support these new literacies?

Where are you going next?

Hoe you enjoyed my remix reflection this week. I’m getting over my fear of audio media slowly, but surely.

Tools Used this Week:
Quicktime Audio Recorder
X-Ray Goggles

PS… This Daily Create has been hilarious this week! Tweets are from both INTE5340 students as well as others who participate in the Daily Create.

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