Week 5 Reflection

To share your voice is to express something in words whether written or spoken. As a teacher, it is important to give your students voice. Not only does it give the students the opportunity to share their story, but it also gives students the opportunity to hear different stories. Chimamanda Adichie in “The Danger of a Single Story is engaging and brilliant in her storytelling. She uses vivid examples and stories to tell her story from a young girl to now. We need many stories in our lives so we don’t develop only one perspective. Adichie does an excellent job explaining this in her Ted Talk.   

“The consequence of the single story is this: It robs people of dignity” – Chimamanda Adichie

I don’t know if it was by luck this week, but I found the perfect example of finding voice through my critique. 18 in the Bay shows what it means to have a collaborative story. Throughout this blog, you will find pictures, videos, and essays all created by 18 years old students. Each student had the opportunity to find their voice throughout the course and did a beautiful job of sharing their story. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog as I can hear/see the honesty, devotion, and humor from these students.  They created a collaborative story for the world to see. Check out my full review of 18 in the Bay here!


This week’s Daily Creates are two true stories in my life. The first challenge was to Show us your growlery!” The first time I read it, I thought it was asking me show a growl face until I read the definition.

The first place that came to mind is the small town of Culver, Indiana. Culver is home to an 1,800 acre lake and a beautiful Military Academy that sits on the north end. I have been visiting Culver since 2003, I  have spent whole summers in Culver, and I always look forward to the next time I can visit this special place. This photo was actually taken last weekend while spending the weekend in Culver.  

The second Daily Create I was challenged with was Ouch! What happen to your phone?”. Daily Create provided the image of the cracked screen, I just had to put my story behind it. I used Photo X Editor to layer images and show the story of cracking my phone screen at a Tom Petty concert years ago #truestory I don’t have much experience with layering images, so I found the challenge worthwhile.

Photo: Red Rocks Amphitheater, Colorado – Adam Reeder

It was a busy week creating two assignments. My goal was to relate the assignments to our weekly theme of finding voice. My first assignment I used StoryBoard That to create a storyboard graphic about 10 Ways to be Active. Fitness has always been a part of my life, and so I wanted to incorporate my love for fitness into a story. Here is the link to my assignment with a bit more explained here.

For the second assignment I created a radio commercial for UC 99.5 (completely made-up), and I wanted my classmates to use their Twitter voice and share their INTE5340 story. I wish I would have posted or thought of this commercial earlier in the week, so I could have more engagement from my class. I did retweet the commercial a few times to encourage engagement, but I do understand everyone is busy with their own assignments. I did get a few response and it helped that Brad tweeted at the class to respond too 🙂 

Again as it’s a common theme throughout the summer, I had the opportunity to create pieces of work through platforms that I have not used before or have used very lightly. From layering pictures with Photo X Editor, to creating the 10 Way to Be Active Graphic with Storyboard That, and creating the audio commercial with Audacity. This was my first time having success using Audacity, as I tried in the past and gave up with frustration. I also am not a fan of listening to myself via an audio recording, so I always to seem to shy aways from these assignments. My goals for next week is to explore different ways to tell a story like social media and dialogue (and I guess use Audio again).  

Let’s not forget to mention a story that went viral through our class this week… #inte5340horror. It amazes me that in a few short days how much the story developed and the few chuckles I got from it as well. I’ve seen my students create hashtags and twitter accounts to discuss different topics. I guess as grad school students, we can do it too! This was clever, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Jasmine!  

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