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Fitness has always been a part of my life, and so I wanted to incorporate my love for fitness into a story. I used Storyboard That to create the storyboard above. There is only a 14 day free version, so this embedded image may be gone in 2 weeks. Storyboard That was pretty simple to use and navigate, be sure to save after every piece (Chrome shut down on me and I had to redo a few pieces). You have options within Storyboard That to change the number of cells or use their pictures and scenes to make it look more like a comic. The images I used all came from the creative commons on Flickr. This has now become my go to site to find pictures to use for assignments.  

The 10 tips above are tips that I follow in my everyday life, and have made my love for fitness grow immensely. Even as I was making this storyboard, I am glad that I hold myself to these expectations. My alarm on my watch reminds to me stand up every 10 to the hour if I have not already been moving during the hour. It was a great way to take a short break and then refocus on what needed to be done. It also gave me time to just think without looking at my laptop. Is there any thing else you do to promote physical activity?    

Distelfliege – Yoga
Fairfax County- Walking 5k
Juhan Sonin – Ben’s Standing Desk
Mike Mozart- Fitbit
Nathan Rupert – Workout Buddies
Nottingham Trent University- Fitness Classes
Pricenfees – Apple Watch
Ted Eytan- Talking about Walking 20228
Thomas Hawk – How Many Times Do You Have to Fall Before You End Up Walking
Stetson University – 2008 Garden Blooms

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