Remix a Classmate

Back to social media, new to creating digital stories, and making hilarious gifs, Amanda Hynson has dove right into CU’s Digital Story class and is giving it her all. Watch the short video on Amanda’s work so far in class, and check out my remix of Amanda’s work towards the end of the video.

I used iMovie to create the video and
PhotoScapeX to edit photos. In order to use Amanda’s gifs in the video, I had to use Quicktime to screen record as iMovie didn’t support the gif files. As I mention weekly, I am enjoying the fact that I get to learn about different resources and platforms. Even more, I learn the most about these platforms when I have obstacles that I need to work around.

I really enjoyed remixing Amanda’s work this week. She is puts a humor spin on our products and posts that make you want to keep reading. Amanda’s approach to the class is very similar to mine. We both are (were) hesitant about sharing our work publicly on Twitter, but we are open-minded. We now both understand that there is more than just sharing our work, we get to see everyone else’s work. And we have enjoyed that. Even our weekly blogs are similar, we recap everything we did for the week, embed media, and reflect on our experiences of the week. Can’t wait to see what Amanda creates in the next four weeks!

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