Week 3 Reflection

Copyright and Fair Use are topics that we looked at this week. There’s a lot to be said about these topics, but a few takeaways I had are:

  1. Copyright: gives legal rights to the creator
    1. Examples: Movie trailers, songs, photographs  
  2. Fair Use Provision: Use only what you need to reach your educational goals or purpose. In order to claim fair use, your creation should have a new meaning and it does not compete with the original.
    1. Examples: Remix, parodies, movie review

The following video Copyright, Exceptions, and Fair Use: Crash Course Intellectual Property #3, helps clarify copyright laws or it will make you have even more questions. 


For my critique this week, I chose to review The Role of Music experiment. The Role of Music is a questionnaire, and you guessed it; it is about music.  It was published by Five Dials, an online literary magazine. I thought it was simply about the role of music in my life, but it quickly changed after going through a few questions. I was amazed by the detail of the story, and how it was able to draw many different emotions out of me. Check out my full review here.

This week I used The Noun Project to help create my Pictogram Pictionary assignment. Every week I am learning about different resources available to me. This the best part of the class. In my first two assignments, I have now used two different platforms that I did not know about previously. The Noun Project is an amazing site that has hundreds and hundreds of icons available to individuals to use either through Creative Commons or Public Domain. I used icons through the Creative Commons and you will notice at the end of my video I gave credit to the creators of the icons. If the icons were listed as Public Domain, I could have used them without any attribution. Once I found my icons, I created the video using iMovie and added background music from YouTube Audio Library. Can you guess my Pictogram Pictionary (It’s not the challenging, but I did have fun creating it).


For my Daily Create this week, I was challenged to impress someone in five words. Using a photograph of myself in Peru and the Canva platform, I created the following graphic.

Media Literacy is growing and growing every day, so it is important as an educator and a student to comply with copyright laws and understand the fair use provisions. With a lot of things I create, I am using the internet to help aide my creations from graphics to ideas. Yes, I know I cannot submit something with my name on it that I didn’t create. What I did learn is since I am a student that a lot of my creating (or recreating) will be allowed under Fair Use as long as I am not going to make big bucks off of my creations. Because the Fair Use provision is very vague, it can also seem confusing.    

P.S. If you guessed 4th of July earlier, you are right 🙂

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