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The Role of Music is a questionnaire, and you guessed it; it is about music.  It was published by Five Dials, an online literary magazine.  Here is the welcome screen:

As I started the questionnaire, I thought it was simply about the role of music in my life, and just clicked through the prompts. And some of the prompts did not relate to me at all, but no worries I just kept clicking. A few clicks later, I was placed into the story…I was a piano instructor being interview by a mother. This mother was questioning me to see if I would be a good fit as her son’s piano teacher. While the mother keeps asking questions, you learn a lot about the child and family. I do not want to give much more away about the story. You should take the few minutes and put yourself into the story.

During this case study, I experienced many different emotions. I was upset at the mother, I felt bad for the child, and as the piano teacher, I felt that I was in an awkward situation. It is amazing that an interactive story can lead to all of these emotions. I was hooked into the story, but at the end, I did ask myself what did I just participate in and was it worth my time.

I was impressed by the flow of the story, and it was clear when the voice of story changed from one character to another. I did end up going through the experiment a few times to see if the prompts changed if I selected a different responses, but it did not. Would I participate in this story again? No, it’s kind of like watching a bad movie for a second time. I did like the idea of the interactive story and the platform. It would be neat to have students create interactive stories, but there has to be a WHY! Make the audience have a purpose of participating in the story.

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