One is Done

Yes, I know the the saying is one and done, but in this case One is Done. Week 1 that is. As I embark on an eight week journey in Digital Storytelling, I will reflect on the assignments, activities, and overall takeaways at the end of each week.

A big part of this week was getting familiar with the different platforms that we will be using during the course. I’m not going to lie when I first logged into the course shell, I was a bit overwhelmed. Annotating, assignments, Daily Creates, reflections, Twitter… I didn’t know where to begin. It might have something to do that I logged in late at night two days after the course started after returning from a week long trip to Mexico (I know you feel bad for me). is an annotating tool that we will be using to collaborate with each other. With this tool, you can write comments and others can respond. It ends up being a class discussion with lots of collaboration. As with any tool there are pros and cons. I love the idea of getting the whole class involved in the article or video, but it becomes a bit chaotic when everything is highlighted and there is 100+ annotations and replies. It would be nice if there was a feature that organized or hid the comments you already read or replied too. When I go back days later, I feel like I have to read everything over again.

This week we looked at an article by Christopher Uhl and Greg Lankenau called Awakening to the Hero’s Journey in Teaching and Learning. After his first semester of courses, Uhl reflects on feedback from his students and from the feedback he wants to make changes. After teaching the course a number of times, he still continues to reflect on how he can make the course come more alive for the students. He wants to make the course a journey that continues on after the semester is over. As a teacher, I can relate to a lot of what Uhl talks about and one statement that keeps sticking with me is “I thought about my most outstanding teachers and realized that, to a person, what they modeled for me (more than the particulars of their prescribed subject matter) was away of being in the world. When it came to their subject, and life more generally, they were curious, reflective, enthusiastic, authentic, vulnerable, compassionate, and more” (455).     

Using our creativity, we are asked to complete one Daily Create for each week. At first, I was a bit confused my the activity, but now it might be my new favorite thing. It is a way to show our creativity in quick activity. Here is a graphic I created using Canva and free stock photos from Veezzle to complete this Daily Create challenge.

So yes One is Done, but what is next? What lies ahead? I am looking forward to learning and growing over this course. I was nervous a week ago, but I have calmed my nerves and know that is a class that is about progression. Where will I be at the end of this course? I am excited to dig deep into my creative side (or find it). I am excited to learn about new tools. I am excited to grow as an instructional designer. I am excited about the next seven weeks!

I love checklist and staying organized. I have created a document that I will use weekly to make sure all assignments and tasks are complete. Check it out if you need some organization!

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