Always Remember CARP

What are your thoughts on the following image?

Do any of the words busy, cluttered, hard to follow, or confused come to mind? Is that what you want people saying about your presentation or website?

An effective presentation or design piece should instill CARP principles:

  • Contrast – Using different size fonts or colors that are obvious to the audience. These elements help create a visual “hook” for the audience.
  • Repetition – Repetition occurs in a design when there is consistency throughout the piece (i.e. consistent headings, repeated bold font, thick lines)
  • Alignment – Maintaining order will create a clean look
  • Proximity – Creating a flow to the work by placing related items are in close proximity of each other

Of the four design principles, I believe contrast is the most important. If the audience is unable to read the information presented, they don’t know where to focus their attention to. The design element below not only explains more on the CARP principles, but also is a good example of a design piece that portrays good CARP principles.

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