History of Online Learning 3

Not only have classrooms changed over time you can learn from my Classroom Flashback post, distance learning consistently had a new image or face.  Check out the infographic below to learn how the rise of online learning happened over the past 300 years.  (Dumbauld, 2014).   A Brief History of Online Learning

Dumbauld, B. (2014, July 17). A Brief History of Online Learning [Infographic]. Retrieved September 12, 2016, from http://www.straighterline.com/blog/brief-history-online-learning-infographic/

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3 thoughts on “History of Online Learning

  • Jennifer Owens

    I just love this infographic! People were providing lessons by mail in 1728. It would be so interesting if we could see what those lessons looked like. I also like that it gives us a bit of context by noting what popular event was happening during each time period. This is a great find!

    • mmprendergast Post author

      Thank so much Jennifer! I think it is really neat to see how each era is defined with 2-3 main components, and then you hit the Modern Era and everything just skyrockets. This infographic was created in 2014, so according to this resource 90% of students will be taking an online course by 2019. It is pretty amazing to me to think how accessible education has become for everyone.

  • Brent Wilson

    Interesting graphic-
    I would have expected narrow in the early years, expanding over time to denote the greater impact and use. This one did the opposite but was still informative.