Classroom Flashback 5

Technology has come a long way in just under a hundred years.  Check out how technology has changed and is continuing to change classrooms.


Do you remember your teacher rolling out the overhead overheadprojector?  This technology piece dates back to the 1930s.




copy-machine In the 1950s, the photocopier was developed.  Teachers were now able to quickly make copies for a large group.  





calcThe handheld calculator made an appearance in education during the 1970s.   




computerThe first portable computer was available for sale in the early 1980s for just under $2,000. By the mid ’80s, Mac and Toshiba released laptops for consumers.  






The World Wide Web was open to the public in the early ’90s.  This made it possible for students to conduct research and gather information without going to the library.





In the late 1990s, the interactive whiteboard was introduced into classroom.  It replaced the chalkboard and markerboards, and gave teachers a touch-sensitive board through a projector and computer.  Interactive boards are still in classroom today!   




Tablets and mobile devices were introduced in the 21st century to make information more accessible for students





In this flashback, you can see how technology in schools is ever changing.  What will the classrooms look like 100 years from now?  Will there even be classrooms?


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