We All Have Tribes…What’s Yours? 1

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Do you have a group that you always run to? Do you have a person that you choose to confide in?  Is there professional learning network where you go to share ideas or read others ideas?  In other words, what are your tribes?  According to Marc Chernoff in the article How to Build Your Tribe – Finding ‘Your People,’  “A tribe-or a pack, clan, elected family, posse, crew, network, or true friends–is a group of people who share common interests and values and show genuine appreciation and care for each other.”

As I think about my tribes, I have personal tribes like my group of high school girlfriends or my basketball teams as well as professional tribes that include my current math department or my school community.  In both types of tribes there is something in common for me.  I trust these people and believe that I can share ideas without judgement.   

Now it is my time to build my own tribe and invite members to join this community.  The tribe I have decided to establish is “Secondary Math & Technology.”  The purpose of this tribe is to bring high school math teachers together to collaborate by sharing ideas and resources that integrate technology into their classroom.  My hopes with this community is that members will actively participate and maybe walk away trying something new in their classroom.   

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