#TweetChat…The 21st Century Office Hour

Through my current grad school course, Social Media & Design, I learned about an effective communication tool known as TweetChat.  Who would have thought that a virtual office hour through the form of tweets what successful?  Come to find out, not only was it successful, but it was extremely helpful…and can I say fun too!

After participating in two tweetchats with my professor, I thought well if I am enjoying this maybe my students can also benefit from it.  Here we go, I offered a virtual office hour the night prior to exam.  In class I informed the students the time I would be on twitter and the hashtag they must use in order for me to see their tweets (#LTgeo).

Biggest Concerns Prior to Hosting:

  • What if all 85 students logged on during that hour? How would I manage conversations?  (Don’t worry, I only had about 5 students for this first tweetchat)
  • Will the students remember I was hosting this? (I used Remind101 10 minutes prior to kick off to help remind students)
  • How will I type math responses?  (What ever I did, it worked… the students understood my responses)
  • What will the students think? Is it cool to tweet at their math teacher?

Prior to 8:30, I reminded students that the TweetChat would be taking place soon.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.15.33 PM

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty excited as the first tweets from students came in.  Here is a snapshot of what happened during that hour.  Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.23.57 PM

Alright, so maybe I only had 5 students participate during that hour.  Yes, very low percentage, but I’m pretty happy that I was able to help some.  I also heard from students the next day that they didn’t tweet at me (you know the cool thing), but they did read the conversations I had with others and it DID help them on their questions.  These might also be the quiet ones in class that might just like to listen.  Anyways, the feedback from students was positive! I will definitely be using this tool again.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.40.10 PM


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