My First WordPress Site

As part of my Social Media & Design course, I was required to create a site to host my portfolio and accomplishments throughout my time enrolled in the Information & Learning Technologies program at CU Denver. What I have quickly learned is that it is more than a professional site, it is a site for people to see who you are, for people to see your creativity, and place where you can showcase yourself.

Now, I have never created a website like this before. And when I do things, I go all in. I didn’t want to meet the requirements of the assignment; I wanted to exceed them.   I wanted my first attempt at building a website to be successful. Here’s what I learned:

  1. A website is a constantly being updated. There’s always something to make it more user-friendly, more visually appealing, or simply just better.
  2. There is abundance of resources for beginners like me to rely on.  I purchased WordPress for Dummies to help me get started. I then heavily replied on WordPress support sites or would Google what I wanted to do (i.e. How do I use the Nimble Portfolio Plug-in?)
  3. Technology side of building a website is a whole new language. From widgets to plug-ins to static home page, there is a lot of terminology to learn.
  4. It is time consuming. I once logged on to change one component and four hours later, I was still working
  5. Things don’t always go your way.   And when that happens, I relied on support sites or just closed by laptop for the night 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 1.45.25 PMSo far, I have absolutely loved learning WordPress and designing my first website. There have been times I wanted to scream at my laptop (and maybe I did), but when I look at how much I have accomplished in the last month, I am truly happy with it. If you are looking to build a website, go for it! Dive right in; there’s tons of resources out there for you!

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